Legionella Management

IWMC offers its clients water management solutions that comply with ASHRAE Standard 188, which provides them with documented adherence of this standard and reduces liability and chances of outbreak.


Meeting ASHRAE Standard 188 is a top priority for us because preventing Legionellosis in water systems means safer water for industries like education and healthcare, as well as for building owners and water treatment providers.

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Components of an Effective Water Management Program

To ensure that ASHRAE Standard 188 guidelines are met, IWMC will serve as your “Program Team” in charge of water management development and implementation at your facility. We do this through the following steps:

1. Determine Water System Plans

The Program Team will determine the potable and non-potable water systems at your facility and develop plans for your water management system.

2. Analyze Water Systems

We will conduct an analysis to detect any hazardous conditions that may be present in your water system.

3. Identify Control Locations

We will identify any locations in the water system where control measures are required for monitoring purposes.

4. Implement Control Measures

After we identify control locations, we will determine and apply optimal control measures.

5. Set Control Limits

Control measures at each location require that control limits be set. We will determine limits such as maximum value, minimum value, and ranges in which physical or chemical parameters are monitored and maintained.

6. Monitoring & Corrective Action

We perform ongoing maintenance to ensure the water management program stays within control limits. If results fall outside of the set limits, corrective action will be taken.

7. Verify Program Implementation

We will confirm that the program has been implemented as designed.

8. Validate Efficiency

Following the verification of your programs implementation, our team will validate that the program effectively controls hazardous conditions.

9. Document Procedures

The last step requires that our team will keep record of all procedures and maintain documentation.