Water Testing & Analytical Services

When you need fast and accurate testing results for your water treatment system, IWMC is the water testing and analytical service provider you can count on.

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Quickly Get Your System Running Again

We make sure that we are readily available to offer you the support you need when you need it. If you’re experiencing any water management issues, we will make it our priority to identify and resolve the issue.

Technicians Who Understand Your Needs

The experienced team of technicians at IWMC will quickly identify and rectify any system or process issues. With state-of-the-art equipment and years of field experience, our team understands your operation and can quickly identify the problem.

On-Site and Off-Site Testing

Our goal is always to help you find a solution to system or process problems quickly. This can be done if we can perform on-site testing, which will expedite the process. If the problem requires off-site testing, we will collect the necessary samples for laboratory testing. No matter the case, IWMC will work with you to resolve any issue quickly and efficiently.

Types Water Testing We Perform

We can help you test practically any type of system or process problem with our extensive testing and analytical services. We offer testing in the following areas:


Ion Exchange